Trace Minerals and why you need them..

Less than two centuries ago, Irish Sea Moss was used as a health treatment of tuberculosis and pneumonia. It's also been used as a food to nourish people who worked in potato fields because it was an inexpensive source of nutrients. Irish Sea Moss (aka Chondrus crispus) contains 92 of the 102 essential trace minerals your body needs to thrive. this plant contains minerals and vitamins, including calcium, folate, iodine, iron, magnesium, potassium, selenium and sulfur.

It is naturally grown on rocks in oceans along the Caribbean, Ireland, Iceland, and along to coast of Europe.

When you buy Wildcrafted Sea Moss it should always come DRY, thin, and relatively odorless. There are lots of companies selling fake pool grown sea moss. Pool grown moss does not have the same benefits as wildcrafted raw moss because it was not grown naturally in the ocean where it would have absorbed minerals and nutrients from the earth. Your sea moss should NEVER smell like chlorine, be damp, or covered in salt

real vs fake sea moss

Supplementing minerals and vitamins in your diet is important. The soil our food is grown in today isn’t what it used to be. Mass production practices are draining the soil of important nutrients and they're not being replenished. On top of that, the use of fertilizers and pesticides are creating a toxic environment for our crops. Fruits and Vegetables are deficient in vital nutrients and minerals. This means the food today isn’t nearly as nutritious as it once was. What does this mean for our bodies? This means that your body is becoming more and more deficient which in result, causes ailments and illnesses. Your body regulates itself through electrical and chemical processes at every moment. Your body needs a balance of minerals to continuously supply your system to replenish what you expend daily.